A Princess Faces Reality

So how does one wake up one day a few weeks before yet another birthday and go OMG my life is starting to get a little out of control?

Was it having 4 jobs in about 18 months? Or having such bad taste in men that I willingly took 16 months off from dating in ALL aspects? A self induced celibacy one might call it. Or when I started dating again the first guy I met ended up being a male stripper? (Yeah that makes for an awesome story…. seriously…) Or failing the CPA exam for the one hundredth millionth gazzilionth time? Or actually adding up all my credit cards and realizing in disbelief that every card is almost maxed out?

No. It was when I realized once the last round of Botox had worn off my face that I had a wrinkle that I hadn’t had 6 months before.

I had been in denial… and with The Wrinkle came the acceptance that I had actually been realizing internally: it was all about to turn into a massive shit storm of epic proportions. One that I couldn’t keep pretending wasn’t happening.

So what did I decide to do? Like any responsible adult, I decided it was time for change. Time to get my life together. I am a strong, independent woman!! I make great money. I have a good job. I own my own home. I could care less if I have a man. Damn it, I am a Warrior Princess who can conquer the world!!!!!

Actually no… I drank a bottle of wine, had a minor meltdown, decided I needed a financial advisor, and then to go out with a bang before cutting out all fun in my life, I decided one last trip would be in order before my self induced Spending Jail Time. So I maxed out a credit card booking a trip to Paris. And Amsterdam. Justification? I should go see my older brother and his family because I’m THAT good of a sister to put my financial well being aside so I can visit them.

Oh, and I needed to go to Louis Vuitton in Paris to buy a new wallet and bag. YOLO.

So now I’m back in reality. Trying to survive. I’ve removed the credit cards out of my wallet. I’m living on CASH. What a concept in this day and age… my financial advisor says this is more common than I would ever believe and that I’m not alone.

And THAT was the seed in my head to start a blog. Maybe I really am not in this journey alone. Maybe there are other people who have gotten themselves in the same situation as me, whatever their story may be. Maybe I can help other people on my journey thru doing a complete lifestyle change. At some point, its time to grow up. Tomorrow is yet another birthday, a new year, a reset of the clock.

Maybe MY time is now…. Botoxless, chipped nails, recycled outfits and all….

But, hey! I’ve got my new Louis to keep me company!

Until next time…..



The Penniless Princess

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