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Saturday mornings I have a ritual. I get up. Let the pup out. Make my coffee. And then settle down on my couch to fully invest in something that is near and dear to my soul. It feeds my inner happiness. It has become a serious obsession that I can’t live without.

YouTube makeup tutorials.

A few years ago, I knew nothing about makeup besides the basics. I didn’t even do my eyebrows. *GASP* I got compliments on my makeup but it wasn’t anything special. My idea of doing a evening look was wearing heavier eyeliner and smoking it out with a Qtip. Fancy right?

Enter the Urban Decay Naked Palette.

My life was forever changed.

When I got the Naked Palette, it was def a tad overwhelming… so many shadows. How to use? What’s good for day time? What’s good for night time? How do I figure this shit out?!?!?!

Enter YouTube. Once again… life changed. And a serious problem of epic proportions with a makeup obsession was born.

Fast forward and here I am today. I can slay a makeup look hardcore. My wing could cut a bitch when I want it to. I am constantly giving tips to friends and family. And sometimes I actually just have to take over and do their makeup when I feel like it’s not up to par (insert apology to my cousin… but she now knows how to blend properly so mission accomplished).

How did I learn my tricks? How did I figure out what drugstore products were the bestest? Or what high end products were actually worth the price?


Specifically a handful of YouTube channels that I can now not live without. While its something that I personally consider educational… it’s actually sometimes just entertaining to watch. People get real. The bloopers happen. The makeup looks gone wrong or the battle to get the perfect winged eyeliner. All there.

There’s something oddly comforting knowing that even the best of the best struggle with a wing. Because that shit is difficult AF.

So if you are looking for advice on products, unique looks, day to night tutorials, or just sheer entertainment because all of these people are actually funny, below are my Ride or Die YouTube channels.

Tati Westbrook/GlamLife Guru – Tati is the only makeup YouTuber from what I’ve seen that posts Monday thru Friday. She is hands down the drug store expert which I like since she’s finding stuff that most people can actually afford regardless of if they are teenagers breaking into the makeup scene or someone struggling on a serious budget. However, she has also become known for her WTF series where she reviews over the top luxury brands that most people would not buy because most of us don’t have a Kardashian budget (think brands like La Mer, La Prairie, and Cle de Peau where powders can run you over $100). She’s also known to try any and every crazy fad in the makeup work… which sometimes tend to go horrible wrong, but she lets us get a good laugh with her in the process. Throw in her adorable relationship with her fiancé James and her dog and in my head, me and Tati have become BFF.

Jaclyn Hill – It is just a matter of time before this chick has her own empire. Seriously. You may know the name if you have shopped at Sephora as she has had some MAJOR collabs with Becca cosmetics… think Champagne Pop highlighter which is literally one of my favorite highlighters of ALL TIME. Her tutorials are off the chain in the looks she can pull together. Think sweet, kind hearted girl who has turned into a Glam Queen. If you are looking for an amazing night out or special occasion look, this is the channel to watch. Not to mention, I’ve got mad respect for her for calling out all the social media trolls who do nothing but go to well known people’s social media to try to attack and tear down anyone who is even remotely successful.

Desi Perkins – ok this chick is just #coolgirlgoals. Her and BFF Katy (who also makes the Favorites List) are always fun to watch. Desi has made it onto major makeup brands with her looks (the Selena themed Mac makeup look was fire!). She keeps things super real and always has fun banter with her husband going on in her channels. One thing I really like about her channel is that the looks range from anything a beginner can do to a more experienced makeup user. And I owe Mrs Perkins a huge debt… this chick is the #1 reason that I can do a winged eyeliner look with a gel and brush. If I ever see her, I will most definitely be buying her a drink on me for that alone.

Katy/Lustrelux – The yang to Desi’s ying. Seriously these two are a trip to watch when they are together. She is so laid back and funny that it leads her videos to have this chill vibe. Like ok, I’m gonna try slaying this look and if I can’t get it done… well who fucking cares. Somehow though, her looks always slay even when she admits she was getting worried it was about to be a look gone wrong. I love her easy to do hair tutorials that give a unique vibe as well. Lately, she has been vlogging  a ton more and those videos… let’s just say there have been tears from laughing so hard… especially when she’s teasing her husband who she has lovingly nicknamed Johnye (yes John and Beyoncé mixed together… or is it Kanye… I don’t flipping know, I just think its funny as shit).

Kathleen Lights – I want to make her my little sister. That is all. Ok… no that’s not all… but I love her. She has great tutorials as well for beginners. She’s known for doing collabs with Ofra and Morphe but in the last month has launched her own nail polish line that I can’t wait to try out. She does a lot of reviews and reminds me some of Tati in the fact that she is always on the hunt for great beauty finds that are budget friendly. When she does recommend high end purchases, her favorite way to describe them are “dats expensivvvveee.” I love how day friendly a ton of her tutorials are for every day wear because let’s get real… most people are not wearing a full on glam look every day. I can only imagine what my corporate job would think of me rolling in with a full on wing and smokey eye. However, Kathleen provides a lot of ideas for the every day look.

So those are my Ride or Die. All have different vibes, different ways to wear makeup, and lots of tutorials for makeup lovers to try.

So if you are looking for a Holiday look… you will definitely find some inspiration on these channels!!

Until next time…



The Penniless Princess



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