December Stitch Fix Review

Last week I received my stitch fix for the second time. I had actually forgotten that it would be coming to be quite honest… so that was a happy little extra gift arriving at my house just in time for Christmas.

My first stitch overall had been good. I got a pair of shoes that I did end up breaking in (had been a tad worried the first couple times I wore them since they were so uncomfortable). However, I sent everything back because when I put things on, there was something off with every item making me not feel like it was worth buying since I didn’t love.

I was very curious to say the least this month if there were things that would work better for me than the first go round… and I wasn’t disappointed.

This month, I received another pair of black jeans, a moto jacket, a heavier sweater, and two tops. First impression right out of the box was that I would be sending the jeans back because I just bought some new black ones and I hated one of the tops immediately. Keep reading to see my full thoughts on each piece…

Antalya Faux Leather Ponte Jacket – Love at first sight with this jacket. It is designed by Marc New York specifically for Stitch Fix and I absolutely LOVE it. Its super trendy, seems to be fairly well made and can definitely be dressed up or down. At a cost of $88, I figured I would go ahead and purchase. I tend to not spend that much usually on a jacket but since I was completely in love I figured it was worth the money. Plus, jackets do tend to be a little more on the pricey side and it was still cheaper than a lot of this style jacket in most stores. My only complaint was that the Small was too small and so I’m exchanging for a Medium. There isn’t an option to select larger sizes for jackets with Stitch Fix which is kinda silly… most people go up a size to layer with during the winter. I could barely move in a tshirt with no sleeves so I knew wearing this with anything that has sleeves wasn’t happening.

Robbey Open Back Ribbed Pullover – Another purchase this month. Green is my favorite color so as soon as I saw this sweater I felt the love swell in my heart. Its got a little twist to it with an open back that makes it unique. Its not heavy and I’ll wear it with a black tank under it. I imagine wearing a good long necklace to accessorize with and some booties. The price was $48 which I don’t think is too bad either.

Collinsworth Mixed Material Top – I was not a fan of this shirt. To me, the fabric was not cute. I’m feel a strong hate towards this type of plaid that looks like it should actually be a kilt or something you’d see in Outlander (Scottish plaid if you don’t watch). Now I like plaids usually but this top was just ugly to me. Plus when I put it on, the material was fairly tight with no give. I could’ve made due if I had liked it but since I didn’t… well sending back. The top also was $54 which seemed high considering the fabric was fairly thin.

Brookline Mix Material Sweater – I really liked this top. It fit great. The twist to a normal black sweater was the zipper going up the back. It was very well made. My only hold up and I why I didn’t purchase was that it was $74… to me an insanely high price for a black sweater. I think there are too many sales going on and other options to purchase a black sweater that for the most part has nothing fancy going on (besides the zipper but to me that doesn’t even justify the price). I just couldn’t bring myself to buy it regardless of how much I liked it. I’m getting emails every day from Express and Loft having huge sales. Plus Nordstrom’s is having another sale. If you want a black sweater, you can definitely get one for under $74!

Ada Skinny Jean – These jeans fit great and were super cute. Price was $88… not something I would normally consider too pricey as far as jeans go… except I got almost an exact same pair from Express for $50 a couple weeks ago. Express can have expensive jeans but the sales have been amazing during the holidays. I couldn’t justify buying another pair when I have one already and I’m waiting for another to get to my house that I had to exchange. So back these jeans are going.

Overall, I was fairly pleased with my Stitch Fix this month. I bought more items than last month and would’ve bought more if I thought the prices were better. I had a different stylist this time as well. I’m not sure how the whole thing works with stylist and if you can request to keep a specific one. Maybe my last stylist was switched out since I sent it all back except for shoes?

I’m wondering about the prices as well on the fixes. They are matching my price point fairly accurate but I’m not sure if I believe quality is matching up to costs considering similar items can be purchased elsewhere at better prices. I’ve switched my profile to say “the cheaper the better” on accessories, dresses, and tops. I’ll see what happens on my next fix as far as quality and more willingness to buy on my end.

Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas!

Until next time…



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