New Ouai Foam Dry Shampoo: Hot or Not

So if you follow anything remotely considered pop culture… and if that includes the Kardashian Klan… you may know Jen Atkin, as she is their Go To hairstylist. She actually does a lot of celebrities but the Kardashians are the clients that she seems attached at the hip to for all major occasions. She’s made the messy wave look famous.

About a year or so ago, she launched her own haircare line called Ouai. The reviews have been hit or miss depending on what product you are using. A lot of people have said the smell of the product line is way too overpowering to the point they can’t use the products or that the products just don’t work.

However when I saw in early January that she was launching a dry shampoo foam that wouldn’t turn your hair white if you are brunette…. I was counting down the days to its release.

First let me explain… I am back to working out 5 days a week. Next week the program I’m on will be taking me up to six days. However, I am NOT down to be washing my hair every day, work out or not. I have long ass hair and its a pain the butt washing, drying and sometimes styling. Plus I color my hair and don’t want to dull the color by over shampooing… yes I wash with a color shampoo but regardless, its not good to wash your hair every day if you don’t have to.

Dry shampoo is legit my BFF FOREVER. I have tried a dozen different ones trying to find what works the best. Living Proof is my absolute favorite but since its pricey I’ve also found Pantene works awesome for most day to day use. I use a LOT. Have you seen the meme where it says 90% of your hair is dry shampoo? Yep… that is me. I section my hair off in pieces and spray it in. I leave it in over night as well before massaging it in since it absorbs more oil that way.

I digress… but either way, Ouai Foam had a lot of competition.

I ordered it from Sephora using Ebates the day it was released. It arrived last Tuesday and I was like ok here we go. Time to get down to business.

I used it on Day 2 hair. Jen shows to squirt a palm full in and then to lay it on your roots of where you part your hair. It comes out like a hair moose which was a little weird. I squirted a palm size and proceeded to put it at my roots. My hair was then sopping wet. It says fast drying but it was so wet that it didn’t dry very fast. I actually had to use a blowdryer to dry it out. What I discovered by doing that is it was dry… my hair actually just looked instantly greasy though.

NOT cool.

I sucked it up however since I was in a rush and went to work. I also wanted a couple of other opinions to see if I was imagining how bad my hair now looked.

Side note: Even though I used a ton, it was all on my part. It was like I couldn’t massage it to other parts of my hair without having to use more and around my face I desperately need it from my face oils.

When I first got to work, a couple girls were like it doesn’t look that bad, but doesn’t look great either. As the day went on though, it got oilier and dirtier looking. It didn’t do anything to absorb the dirt and oil in my hair at all like a spray does. By around lunch, I looked like I had solid 4 day hair and that I hadn’t done anything in those 4 days to try and clean it. It was BAD. I ended up having to throw my hair up in a messy bun to hide how bad it looked.

And for the record, coworkers agreed that it looked awful as the day went on.

So I washed my hair that night as I had no choice. I refuse to walk around with greasy ass hair. #justsayno

Second time, I used on day 3 hair. I used less product since I was wondering if I had used too much the first go round. While my hair wasn’t AS bad, it def looked dirtier immediately after use. It didn’t do anything to clean my hair. And there wasn’t even remotely enough product to do anything but the part of my hair. After the first use, there was no way I was going to add more either.

Ouai Foam = No-Go for this princess.

I’m not sure what type of hair this could possibly work on. It seems to actually make it dirtier looking. Plus if you have curly hair that you straighten, since this product wets your hair, I can’t imagine it working as it’ll make the hair curly again. The reviews on Sephora are more bad than good. Currently, it is only receiving 2.6 stars out of 5 and out of all reviews the majority have given it a one star. At a price of $28 USD, this will be returned as it’s too expensive to not remotely work at all for me.

If you want to try and seem to have a different method of using that works, definitely let me know. I do love the fact that there is no white residue to blend in… but if my hair isn’t clean looking, well I’ll take the white residue. I also say a snap from Desi Perkins where she used it and loves it. She used a big round brush and blow dried it out. However… I don’t have time for that mess in the mornings when I’m rushing to get ready at the gym to make it to work on time.

In the meantime though, I’m gonna stay in my committed relationship with Living Proof.

Until next time…



The Penniless Princess


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