Life, Love, Debt, and Positive Vibes

So…. been a hot effing minute since my last post…. and to say a shit ton has happened may be the understatement of the year.

I am having a baby and just bought a beautiful new home.

Ok no… not quite. But I’ve basically been third wheeling my little brother and his wife so hard that it feels like both are happening to me.

We are 5 weeks out from the arrival of my new niece and things are starting to get crazy in my family. It’s a good thing I’m basically looking at this kid as my own (mainly because I don’t have to birth it, pay for it, and can give it back when it cries or shits itself) because I am having serious attention competition in my family. This baby is taking all the attention.

But don’t worry… she will know there’s only one princess in this family. #teachthemyoung

The debt situation hasn’t gone up but hasn’t really gone down either. I am now having to save up for my Alaskian cruise in May so that I can pay for the plane ticket to Seattle and excursions with cash. It’s stressing me out bad but I’ve got it built into the budget so I should be good. I’ve been pretty damn good with spending… minus a new pair of Adidas sneakers I bought last weekend… but hey I actually NEEDED a pair of closed toed shoes for bum around days.

I’m also considering starting to study for the CPA exam again. Actually I’ve already started studying again. Not a ton, very low level… but I think after the big 6 month break I’m in a much better mindset to do it. Its rough getting back into the groove of studying though. Right now I mainly do it at lunch but I really need to step it up at night though. I will eventually start getting into night study routine… but that hasn’t been a huge priority.

The Big News in my life… I’ve been dating someone for a little over a month. And this guy has got me spinning. He is the twin brother of my Director at my last company… lol yeahhhh that was a little weird at first. He’s checking off every box that I’ve always had that clearly no one has met. Kind, good morals, fun to be around, Christian, successful, good looking to name a few but the list goes on and on.

Not to mention that I can be my full on high maintenance princess self and he likes it. Probably because he’s a little high maintenance himself. On our first date when he went to pay, he pulled out his wallet…. it was Louis Vuitton. I kid you not. He has a Louis Fucking Vuitton wallet… and is planning on buying luggage… I think I might have met my soulmate.

But I digress (LV has that effect on me)…

At first the compliments he was giving me were freaking me the fuck out. Like dude… one date… I know I’m awesome but are you just spitting lines? Like how does one KNOW after ONE date. (I should ask my little brother or I should’ve asked my dad because they both said they knew after first dates with my sister-in-law and mom). But I’ve been burned enough that I am a skeptic. Guys spit lines and I usually either laugh in their face or run… actually probably both.

But there was something about this guy. And I clearly haven’t run. Maybe because he actually seemed more genuine that anyone I’ve met in a long time. Or maybe it was a gut feeling.

The turning point for me was a couple weeks after our first date. I had gone out with him but I was still kinda playing hard to get. Not because I play games, but just because I’ve learned to stay guarded until someone really proves themselves to me. We had said we were going to get dinner or drinks after work. I wasn’t in the greatest mood and asked him what time he was leaving work. He said 6:00, and it was 5:00. I was ready to leave work and go home. So I just flat out told him that we could do dinner another time, maybe the next day and I was gonna go ahead and go home versus wait around for an hour. I wasn’t mean, I just didn’t feel like killing time for an hour.

What did he do?

He left work.

He freaking dropped everything at work to come have dinner with me. Now to some people this may not be a big deal. But as I was waiting for him at Taco Mac something dawned on me. It’s been a long fucking time since I’ve been an actual priority to a man. Where someone wanted to actually incorporate me into his life. Not to mention, this guy is a VP in accounting for a publicly traded company who was filing the following day… in laymen’s terms for the non accountant reading… you don’t just up and leave work during those times. Its not easy to do. He did it though.

Something changed that day. My walls started crumbling.

Every since that day, I’ve basically said fuck it, I’m going for this. He clearly is as well. Neither of us are dating anyone else. I have no desire to at all. I even ran into The Ex last week at the gym and wasn’t thrown off which to me was a huge test. I was actually able to look him in the eye and say I’m happy and doing really well… and mean it… when he asked.

New Guy even met my little brother and sister-in-law this weekend. He passed the test with flying colors with them. I haven’t brought a guy home in THREE years… and thank you Jesus that when I did, they liked the guy. That shit could’ve gone terribly wrong.

I don’t know where things are going with New Guy. But I have a serious gut feeling of where it could lead. Which is scary AF. Yet at the same time very calming. Time will tell.

And did I mention he’s taking me to NYC the end of March? Yeah… this guy is kinda awesome. I fully plan to hit up that new cookie dough restaurant.

So that is a happy little life update. I have a feeling 2017 may actually end up being the big year I’ve predicted.

This shit could get interesting…

Until next time…



The Penniless Princess


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