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So who am I? I’m a thirty-something woman that on the outside looks like she’s got it together….. on the inside, I’m a complete wreck in virtually every aspect of my life… and I own that with a very strange pride. There’s nothing like being in your early 30s and feeling like you can’t get it together no matter how hard you try. Upside: I end up with a lot of awesome stories because sometimes all you can do is sit back laugh, ok maybe cry, and then have a glass of wine… or bottle… but who’s counting. (side note: you aren’t drinking alone if your dog is there) I’m an expert at doing everything the wrong or hard way. I’m awesome at giving my opinion, not taking advice, and now hiding what a shit show my life has become. Come with me while I figure it out while also sharing my oh so valid opinions on everything from celeb gossip, makeup, politics, relationships, and trying to somehow cut corners to get my high end tastes satisfied while also paying off a solid chunk of debt I’ve accumulated while indulging in said high end tastes.

Welcome to the world of a Penniless Princess!


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